What is Bio Ethanol?

What is Bioethanol? A question that a lot of us think about. In the past years bioethanol has become more and more known around the Globe due to its spreading purpose in use of biofireplaces, but what it is exactly? And how is it made? Simply put bioethanol is type of strong alcohol. It is being produced almost the way as other spirits Todays bioethanol that you use in your biofireplace is made from excess organic waste mostly from agriculture.


It is very important to use bioethanol with as high level of purity as possible. We recommend it to be at least 95% pure. Some bioethanol products found on the market are diluted (thinned) with water in order to keep the price low. This polution in the burning bioethanol could lead to smoke and soot emition and could also damage your fireplace.

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